Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings


Grow your business with more space

The space you have to operate within often determines your success as a business. Don’t remain stuck in inadequate space. Make the right impression on clients and your crew with a beautiful new building customized to your needs.

It’s going to feel incredible to open the doors of possibility each morning as you unlock your new space and begin operations each day. The perfect set up is waiting for you. We know this is about building a business, not just a building.


We Build More Than Barns


There is one factor that affects every single aspect of a manufacturing business. Producing the best product in a profitable way takes the right space. When that space is built specifically to maximize the potential of the business, everyone benefits.

Your customers, crew, and you all have a lot riding on this. We understand you need to keep production at pace no matter what, so we work with you to wrap the building process around your needs as a business. What we build together will make what you build, even better.


Making the right impression on your customers will often determine if they buy from you or not. A big part of making that impression is your space. When people feel good about where they are, they feel good about doing business with you.

Let’s inspire your customers to do business with you by creating the perfect space to welcome them back to again and again. With custom layouts, finishes, and functionality, you’ll have everything you need to make customers and staff happy.


The space can make or break you when it comes to hosting. You need to be focused on making sure everything goes off without a hitch. The last thing you need is a problem with the venue when impressions are everything.

Weddings, corporate events, and performances depend on having the right space designed for the events of the day (or night). We can bring it all together making every detail perfect so everyone else can focus on making memories.


Without enough warehouse space, your business will remain limited. Having the security and peace of mind knowing your Currin building will stand the test of time feels amazing. What feels even better is knowing you have the space you need to succeed.

We will work with you to design and build the right warehouse to fit your needs and budget so your business can operate in a way that brings maximum value and profit.


Today’s offices require more than ever before. Getting the right look and feel is crucial for not just attracting customers but retaining quality staff. People produce their best work when they enjoy where they spend hours every day. The productivity of your team hinges on the quality of your space.

Get the best work out of your team by providing them the best place to work. The office you need to inspire and retain the best talent is not just possible, it’s what we do.


Your New Facility Is Only
A Few Steps Away

Step 1: Design

We get to know you and your needs as we create your custom design with you

Step 2: Build

We take care of all the Details as we build-out your perfect solution

Step 3: Enjoy

Soak in the feeling of pride that comes with knowing it’s built to last.


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