Residential Buildings

Residential Buildings


Buildings Built For Life

When you work with us, you work with family. We believe every great family like yours deserves a great place to call home. Your quality of life depends on this and for us, that’s everything. Your space needs to fit you and your family now and into the future.

Whether it’s a new workshop, garage, or a barndominium, we will guide you at every step to be sure every detail is suited to you and your family’s needs. Whether wood or steel-framed, we bring quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design to every project large or small. You can be certain you’ll enjoy your Currin building for decades to come.


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Barn Life is a good life when you have a good barn to live in. Stop trying to fit your life into your regular home. Your home should be custom fit to your life! Today it’s easy to customize the perfect living space for you and your family utilizing the spacious interiors barns offer to the absolute fullest. You can feel truly at home because your home finally fits your life (and your beloved animals too!)

Create the perfect living space that keeps you close to your animals and well within your budget. Save time and money (and yes countless steps) by putting it all under one roof.


Well, Go on… Finally get that dream shop you’ve always wanted! You need space for your tools, your toys, and everything else in between. A beautiful shop custom fit to your needs doesn’t have to remain something for, “one day.”

Get the open, well-lit space you’ve always wanted so you can take on those projects, store everything properly, and yes, be the envy of every guy around.


For some, a garage is not just a space to store your rig. On occasion, we know you end up spending more time in the garage than in the house. And there’s nothing wrong with that; unless you don’t have a garage you love.

From expansive open spaces to show off your collection or small backyard units to tuck in your favorite ride for safekeeping… The perfect custom garage is waiting for you to design it with our team.


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